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Accomplished California lawyer provides comprehensive estate planning services

Planning in advance for what happens after you are gone is the best way to secure your family’s financial stability. At The Law Office of Sharla L. Evert in Murrieta, our firm has assisted clients in Riverside, San Diego and Orange counties for the past 25 years with setting up well-crafted estate plans to meet their goals. Our attorney will give you individual attention and advise you on the estate planning options best suited to your purposes, which may include a will, trust and/or guardianship document. Our firm will help you create an estate plan that will serve you and your family for generations to come.

Knowledgeable law firm provides thorough will drafting and modification assistance

A will is the most common way people communicate how they want their possessions divided, and California law requires a will to be written, signed in the presence of two independent witnesses, with the two witnesses signing in front of each other. It is equally important to keep this document updated as your circumstances change to ensure it remains relevant. Both original wills and modifications require certain formalities to be valid, and our firm will take the time to carefully put together your will so it can withstand legal challenges.

Dedicated counselor guides clients through the guardianship process

Incapacitated adults and minor children need help managing their affairs, and the person who assumes this responsibility may need certain powers to make necessary decisions. Guardianship is the legal process under which a caregiver of a minor child is granted decision-making authority, and the process for incapacitated adults is called conservatorship. In either case, the authority may relate to finances, personal care decisions or both. Guardianship/conservatorship is a big step, and our attorney will help you understand if it is appropriate in your situation and guide you through the legal process to secure these rights.

Responsive advocate helps clients outline what life-saving medical intervention they want

Medical treatment is a very personal decision, and when you are incapacitated, your ability to communicate may be compromised. A living will allows you to voice your preferences and designate the types of intervention you would like to receive, if any, in order to prolong your life. Maintaining this autonomy is important to many people, and our firm’s attorney will put together a directive that makes your wishes clear.

Skilled attorney sets up effective and enforceable living trusts

Financial planning is a key feature of most estate plans, and living trusts are an often-used tool to help you avoid the costs and time of probate and control who receives your property.

Setting up a trust can be complex and should be done under the guidance of a knowledgeable attorney, as a mistake can invalidate the entire arrangement. Our attorney knows how to help you safeguard your assets and will evaluate whether this option is appropriate for you.

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